The dictionary defines achievement as follows:
1. something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.; a great or heroic deed:
his remarkable achievements in art.
2. act of achieving; attainment or accomplishment:
the achievement of one’s object.

Let us look at the definition in para (2) whereby every entrepreneur looks forward to achieving his/her Dream through a process of integrating ideas, competence and serious hard work. The end result brings in the ultimate satisfaction of Achievement.
Few think in terms of money. Money is not the only yardstick of an entrepreneurial venture. Sustaining a venture is a different ballgame. Here we will speak of Achievement.
I have noted below the achievements of some who have ventured into uncharted territory, so to say. Achievement is theirs. My role and those of the incubators are merely those of a facilitator.

I realise that it has become the norm to talk about entrepreneurship in academic institutions, to hold Workshops and debates. But, what about real life situations?
I have selected a few startups just to give you all a real life feel of entrepreneurship in our country. There are many more that have ventured in to entrepreneurship.
These are some of their stories.



Drupad Raja


Drupad Profile


Drupad was doing his graduation in commerce when he first walked in to our Entrepreneurship Development Cell in Kolkata. He wanted to become an entrepreneur. Many who had come said the same, but lost heart in a few weeks. Not Drupad. With our support he went ahead in acquiring hands on knowledge about organic fertilizers and organic farming. Read on what he says about his life today.
Drupad comes with a diverse experience working in various capacities. With formal education in Finance, Operations Management and with hands-on experience in Business Development, he has a complete understanding of business.
He specializes in Business Development and Supply Chain Management.
Established i2cook as a leading Organic Food Brand in Bangalore
Scaling up of Ecofarms’ Operations to make it a key player in Organic Retail Industry.
Hands-on experience in Organic Farming, Procurement, Contract Farming and allied activities.






Santanu (Sunny) Bhattacharya


sunnySunny,too, walked in to our Cell. But he was no green horn. He had been running a successful business in IT in the United States. Now he wanted to venture out in Kolkata, India. He had great ideas. He had the dream. However, he needed just a teeny little hand-holding which we did. Sunny talks about himself in the following paragraph.
Sunny’s 25 years in the industry includes extensive ICT experience in USA & India spanning hands on systems development and solutions implementation to corporate management and then entrepreneurship. During the tenure he has served MNCs (Nortel, MCI) and start ups in various management, executive and consulting capacities.

Sunny has been with equipment manufacturers in architecting and developing switching, routing and transmission systems for voice, data, wireless, advanced intelligent networking and voice over IP. He has also been with service providers in planning and deploying telecom networks, call centers, application services platforms, business automation and connectivity solutions, etc. During the course, he has contributed in standards organizations like ANSI, GSM, IS-41, ITU, etc., in developing world wide telecom and wireless standards and protocols.

After 18 years in mainstream industry, Sunny initiated a social enterprise (Technable) with goal to have direct social benefit as primary yield. It is with St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata that the idea of offering employment linked training to underprivileged youth at the base of pyramid (BoP) was first conceived in March 2004. Sunny’s fascination to livelihood thru’ skill is because, when a person gets gainfully engaged in sustained income generating activity a family of average 6 members is benefited in long term. In April 2005, Technable was inducted as implementation partner in the “Centre of Excellence for IT/ITeS Assessment and Training”, a consortium initiated by the Dept. of IT, Govt. of West Bengal and the University of Calcutta for HR development in the state. In 2011, this venture is being scaled-up with funding and ecosystem support from National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Govt. of India. Technable also offers corporate training in communication skills, soft skills and telecom technologies and plans to offer programs in project management and emerging technologies in near future.

Specialties:Overall Management, Business Development, Technology. Cross-functional roles; DOMAINS: Telecom, Education management, Vocational Training; Livelihood; Mechanical design automation and work flow management, Enterprise productivity enhancement solutions.



Soubhik Dawn


 SoubhikSoubhik literally landed from the West Coast of the US of A right in our Incubator – EKTA -in Kolkata, India. It startled me, as Kolkata was no competitor to the West Coast as far as startup stories go. But we, that is Soubhik and the incubator did  handholding. Well hear what Soubhik has to say on his days in the Incubator.
Soubhik is a graduate in technology from IIT Kharagpur (Gold Medallist) and a Post Graduate from Stanford University USA.
Soubhik possesses a very unique intellect and skill set that allows him to operate at a tactical or strategic level…View
Founder and CEO
November 2007 – August 2012 (4 years 10 months)Kolkata, India
effiKC is a technology startup providing software products like
(1) effiTRAQ- A GPS based supply chain automation solution,
(2) effiPOS- A retail Point Of Sale and Analytics Solution for chain store management and
(3) bBoggled- Math-Memory games on Android

Responsibilities:    Built a company of 10 employees; led and managed every aspect of the business including Technology, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, Recruitment, Finance and Legal





•Conceptualized, created and commercially launched the 3 flagship products of the company
•Established strategic partnerships with leading hardware vendors in India, Europe and China
•Procured orders from the Indian Government, Indian Army, BSE-100 companies (100 largest companies in India) such as ACC, Exide, United Breweries and the leading school network in India- Delhi Public School (having 130 schools)
•Won the SME entrepreneurial development award from Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India
•Achieved a product installation base covering 20 countries across 4 continents